Covid-19 in America

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    Crematorium supervisor Ginger Rowley checks the names on cardboard caskets containing bodies to be cremated at the Maryland Cremation services.

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    Family members and members of the church, wearing a masks for protection, practice social distancing as the casket of the pastor of the Shining Star Freewill Baptist church Bishop James N. Flowers Jr is laid to rest at the Harmony Cemetery in Seat Pleasant. Bishop Flowers passed away after contracting the coronavirus, COVID-19.

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    A police officer patrols in front of the Lincoln memorial after stay at home orders were announced across the region due to Covid-19.

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    People look on, while practicing social distancing, as they watch cellist Jodi Beder perform a daily concert on her front porch in Mount Rainier.

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    Imam Said Sherzadi stands alone near the casket of Ghulam Merzazada, at the National Memorial park cemetery in Fairfax.

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    Reverend Sarah Scherschligt, Pastor at the Peace Lutheran church, holds communion during an online streaming service from the basement of her home in Falls Church.

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    Crematory operator Brandon Cochran pushes a cremation box draped in a US national flag, containing the body a veteran who died of COVID-19, to an incinerator at the Stauffer Funeral Homes.

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    The White House is seen through pictures of people that died due to COVID-19 at the National COVID-19 Remembrance, on the ellipse behind the White House .

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    A man sits on a bench as he looks at white flags on the National Mall near the Washington Monument. The project, by artist Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg, uses over 600,000 miniature white flags to symbolize the lives lost to Covid-19 in the US.

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    Sean Alexander Bailey (R) gets a Covid-19 vaccination from his mother in law, Tish Dorman, as as his daughter Ella and son Charlie react at an old TJ Maxx store used by Lynchburg fire Department as a mass Covid-19 vaccination site in Lynchburg.

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    Sue Irvine cries as she holds flowers given to her by Jan Trent in memory of her son Chris Irvine, who passed from Covid-19 in January, near the James river in Lynchburg

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    Maryland Cremation Services transporter Reggie Elliott brings the remains of a Covid-19 victim to his van from the hospital's morgue in Baltimore.

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    Cemetery workers prepare a grave early in the morning at a cemetery in Hyattsville.